Hop On management has been actively involved in various corporate social responsibility activities since 2016. We are currently working in three major areas:  Sports development in rural areas.  Motivating youths in rural areas to work in their own village.  Creating employment opportunities in rural areas through events and tourism. Sports development in rural areas: Irish Patrician Brother, Colm O'Connel, who was the principal of the local St. Patricks High School, discovered that many of his students had a talent for running. He used the school holidays to organize running camps, both for his own student-runners and for talented runners from the rest of the country. Later the school decided to plant a tree for every one of its students that had success at an international level. Within a few years the school compound was full of trees. No other high school in the world has raised and educated so many international top athletes. Inspiring from the thoughts and methods of Brother, Colm O'Connel, Hop On has adopted a school in the Konkan region of Maharashtra to develop sports. This school is operated by Loksadhana Charitable Trust in Chikhalgaon village of Dapoli in Ratnagiri district. Students of these school are currently running every day to develop their athletic base. Our aim is to provide below facilities to these students: - A fulltime athletic coach. - Running shoes - Sports clothing such as bags, track suits, shorts and T-Shirts. - Nutrition - Education support - Training equipment’s such as cones, ladders, hurdles, stopwatch, weights, etc. Motivating youths in rural areas to work in their own village: It is often observed that youths in rural areas despite of undertaking formal education, migrate to cities and undertake low profile jobs such as servants, peons, drivers, etc. Hop on management team conducts many workshops in rural areas to motivate these youths, make them understand the potential opportunities of working in rural areas and provide training in vocational programs in the field of Management, Marketing and Tourism. These students are mainly from grade 11th and 12th.

Other than vocational training, Hop On also identifies talents in rural areas and help them to develop their careers in respective field. In our current project, we are working with a group of students from rural area of Dapoli who wish to pursue their career in the field of singing, dance and music. This group will be trained and equipped (sets, props, make-up, sound and lights) to showcase ethnic cultural of Kokan. Creating employment opportunities in rural areas through events and tourism: To support our first two missions in rural areas, we are working extensively to organise events and develop tourism in Dapoli. This will help us to boost the confidence of youths in Dapoli. They will get opportunity to learn and undertake experience in live projects which will further lead a permanent establishment in terms of employment. Our tourism development project includes: - Training students to become tour guides in Dapoli. - Training students to become marketing managers to promote tourism in Dapoli. - Training students to become coordinators to organise various events in the field of entertainment and sports. We thus appeal to all our readers to come forward and help in our mission in the development of rural youths.